Student Challenge Board

Tap into the brainpower of the smartest young people in the region. Get in touch with our students and get outside-the-box ideas in a quick and easy way.

For companies & organisations:
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How does the Student Challenge Board work?

Companies & organisations post challenges on this platform, for which students can submit ideas. The best ideas get a reward and the opportunity to discuss futher action with the challenge owner.


Become part of the Student Challenge Board community

The Student Challenge Board is more than a platform! It's a community with one goal: lowering the barrier between UM students and companies and organisations in the region that want to connect and learn from one-another. The Student Challenge Board platform is the community's hub, and in addition to that we:

- have a newsletter to update you every once in a while
- write the occasional blog post on Medium.
- are open for questions and remarks here: